HUGS Mission Statement:

HUGS will provide quality, professional focused psychotherapy services to improve patients’
overall functioning levels while eliminating barriers to care.
People are often surprised when they learn that mental health illness is one of the leading causes of disability in America. A majority of individuals chose to suffer in silence hoping it will go away on its own rather than to seek professional help. In America 1 in 4 people are affected with a diagnosable mental health illness, yet only approximately half seek treatment, and are treated for their condition which can lead to further debilitating conditions. Because of this great concern, our mission here at HUGS is to increase therapeutic services to those underrepresented and underserved by eliminating barriers which prevents patients from receiving needed health care.​​
There is a myriad of issues for these disparities in mental health services ranging from health insurance, transportation, accessibility to care, and stigma just to name a few. Further, patients with chronic medical and mental health conditions may not be physically well enough to leave their homes to seek needed care. This very disturbing occurrence leads to the patient receiving minimal care at best, which is detrimental to his or her overall health and functioning.

HUGS’ goal is to eliminate barriers to care by providing special home services to the sick, the disabled, as well as those that have limit access to care or would have elected not to attend treatment due to other barriers. Our professional team will travel to their patients offering our unique services “Therapeutic Mobile Services” (TMS). TMS is the cornerstone of HUGS as we believe in meeting the patients where they are both mentally and physically. HUGS is more than traditional therapy, via our mobile services we deliver treatment outside of the office to ensure you are serviced during your time of need. We make home visits, hospital visits, nursing home visits, and beyond, our HUGS TMS goes wherever the need is.