HUGS Proudly offers four Intensive Therapy Services (ITS) Healing Weekend Retreats

Couples Therapy (1) – Return to Romance – Improve communication skills and problem solving strategies. Does it feel like you take each other for granted, have you lost that loving feeling, do you feel like your spouse is not as attentive as he/she was in the past? Are you arguing over simple things? What about the financial fights? Do you want to repair & revitalize your relationship? If you answered yes, please join us for our life changing “Friends Forever, Lovers for Life” Couples weekend retreat.
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Couples Therapy (2) – Healing from Infidelity – Did you know that infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce? The act of betrayal, broken bonds and broken trust is difficult to re-establish. The emotional strain this places on a couple leaves long lasting and severe consequences. If you asked, where do we go from here, please join HUGS as we provide you with the necessary therapeutic tools in our “Healing Past the Hurt” Couples weekend retreat. Let HUGS support you in your healing process. There is work to do, we are here to assist you in this process.

Sexual Abuse Workshop – Healing from Hidden Wounds – This workshop is designed for individuals (separate workshops for males and females) who were sexually abused / molested. We will share and process sensitive subjects such as emotional pain, behavioral patterns, sexual identity, guilt, stress, fear, rage, PTSD and intimacy issues in relationships. If you are seeking healing from childhood to adult sexual trauma, this workshop is for you. Join us as we break the silence, find our voice, take back our power and “Heal from the Hidden Wounds.

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Social Anxiety Workshop – Take My Life Back and Live – This is a workshop designed to assist individuals that suffer from social anxiety, fear of public speaking and excessive worry in social settings. Do you feel alone and disconnected? Do you worry about how others perceive you? Do you avoid outings for relief, but later regret not attending? If you answered yes, this safe, nonjudgmental workshop is for you. You will be taught calming and de-stressing techniques, as well as gain the necessary tools to form relationships, build your confidence and acquire the social skill sets required to take your life back and start living! Do not let fear prevent you from attending this workshop as everyone that attends will understand what you are dealing with, as they too are suffering from the same condition. You will be in a safe space and learn the skills needed to overcome this social disorder. It is time to take my life back, I am deciding to live free of social anxiety.