One of our goals at HUGS is to provide services by eliminating barriers to care. A major obstacle identified was attributed to the lack of financial resources. Your donation will provide the relief of financial hardship to support and aid in the betterment of another person’s life. You can become a HUGger by embracing the community with us from any location by making an online donation now. This affords HUGS the ability to assist the less fortunate with vital services at discounted rates and for those who are in crisis with no health care, we can offer free treatment.​ With your donation HUGS is able to provide individual and group therapy to those most devastated by their circumstance. HUGS also provides community outreach, and support, offering educational, and preventive services to communities at risk. By making a donation to HUGS, you also enable us to provide free community health awareness events.

When you donate to HUGS you give a HUG to someone in need.​
HUGS Community Services is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization. You can make your tax deductible donation to support our programs all year round.
HUGS conducts school, community, office and private educational presentation and workshops on mental health illness, self-esteem building, bullying, sexual trauma, anxiety issues and HIV/AIDS education. Ask me how your agency or school can benefit by scheduling HUGS to host a presentation and or an awareness event for your organization.